I’m sorry

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I’m sorry for my last post and having you guys worry about me. I’m much better now. I don’t usually post such raw things but felt like I should this time to be the most real I could be. 

I’m not sure if my parents are still planning on selling the house. I’ve never been late on a payment so I don’t think they will. But my mom said they will help bail me out but that they have things to discuss with me. I was too chicken shit to ask what that was over the phone. 

Anyway my headspace is better like I said it too will pass and it did. I try to remember that in my dark moments to see the light so it’s not so dark. 


2 thoughts on “I’m sorry

    manyofus1980 said:
    March 13, 2017 at 9:09 pm

    Good job! its hard to do but you did it, you got through it. I am proud of you! ❤ xoxo

    Iggy said:
    March 14, 2017 at 6:32 am

    Never be sorry for your feelings. I’m glad you’re feeling better though.

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