random thoughts July 18 2016

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I added the meme as I think it’s funny. I need a laugh today. I feel stressed. I know this week will drag. My co worker had an emergency and will be off work for several days. I feel sorry for her emergency but slightly selfish as I wonder if that means I will be doing my current job longer. I’m so ready to move on to the next chapter of my life. 

I’m also feeling this overwhelming love for my children this morning. I wish I could hug then right now and tell them I love them but I’m at work.

Still a little cranky from sugar detoxing but it’s better. I keep thinking it’s worth it in the long run. Plus I wonder if my diet will help my moods.

The psych doctor upped my buspar but I had to come off it as it was causing weird side effects. I really was hopeful it would work. I don’t see him again until the fifth of August. 

I guess that’s all the random I have right now. I better get back on the road to my next work appt. Hope everyone is doing awesome if not always feel free to email me. Social.worker.Angela@gmail.com


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