update Wednesday July 6 16

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It looks like I start my new position on the fifteenth. It can’t get here quick enough. I still have a ton of filling to do. Ugh. It looks like the week after I start being on call. I was hoping to get a whole month off on call. Oh well.

I see my new pdoc Friday. I hope he prescribes me two new meds I really want to try. I don’t think he will though or am I being a pessimist?

I swear I feel like I didn’t learn a thing from my money fiasco. I have this overwhelming urge to borrow a hundred dollars for a new vape box. My old one isn’t working well. So far I’ve been able to tell myself no. So maybe I did learn. It just sucks even having the desire.

Overall my mood has been good today. I’m learning to enjoy it and not question when it’ll change. When it does it does I guess. I’ll deal with it then. 

My youngest turns ten Friday. They are growing up too fast. I love him to bits and my other boys. 


One thought on “update Wednesday July 6 16

    manyofus1980 said:
    July 9, 2016 at 1:05 pm

    happy birthday to your son. great you are not giving in to the desire to spend. hugs hope the good mood continues. xxx

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