Watch “The Negativity Cure – Teal Swan -” on YouTube

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I got a comment from Crystal empath to watch this video and give it good for thought. I watched it and though the work with another person wouldn’t be for me… The sentiment is there. I am in flight our fight mode due to avoiding a stressful conversation. This has triggered me to think negatively.

She talks of doing a gratitude journal. This has been suggested before but I never really got it. This video has help it sink in. I have journals laying around. I’m going to grab one and use it as a gratitude journal. This way I might be able to re wire my brain to positivity.

Anyway if your struggling today watch the video and check out crystals blog. I feel she will have a lot of insight for us and this community.


3 thoughts on “Watch “The Negativity Cure – Teal Swan -” on YouTube

    carlalouise89 said:
    June 18, 2016 at 9:24 pm

    If you want, I can give you a video link that my therapist gave me. The video’s about self-compassion, and how we need to be compassionate towards ourselves. It’s a TED talk, and it’s really good. I really liked it. It made me feel less guilty when I decided I wanted something, or felt like something. (We’ve been working a lot on that.) After every therapy session, I get to do something just for me. I get to pick whatever it is I want – like, if I want junk food, that’s what I have. Or a walk. Or a movie. Whatever I want to do, I get to do – and it’s looking at that self-compassion aspect. (It’s just one thing …. like it doesn’t go for the whole night or something. I just pick one thing I want, for me.)

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