Randomness part two

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one lost unicorn featured on her (I’m assuming the writer is female) blog Angel cards. I loved the idea so much I bought a box. I think once a week I’ll pull out a word and that will be my theme for the week.

I know I’ve shared I have three boys. They are my reason for living. I worry constantly something bad is going to happen to them. The horror in my head of what could happen makes me sad as is pretty improbable stuff. So much wasted time worrying when I could just be loving them if that makes sense.

I wish I had a different job. I’m decent at the one I have but it stresses me out. I’m stressing right now over a judgment call I made that I wonder wasn’t the wrong call.

Oh and my friend didn’t actually stand me up the other day… Well yes but for good reason a family emergency. I felt bad for being bummed I was ignored. I should have known there would be a reason not just a blatant “diss”

Should we pull out an Angel card? I think we should lol


Joy… I can honestly say I was afraid to get this card. If I stuck to the deal it’s my word of the week (I know random to start on a Thursday) and it’s hard for me to find joy in life right now. Though really thinking about it I found it twice today in the most odd ways. I actually laughed at a few things today and I rambled. I haven’t went on a tangent in months. I haven’t really talked outside my head and this blog four months so that is joyful. Now the key is to find something every day to have joy in.

What brings you joy?


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