I wanna be a kid again

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My youngest two are at camp. I miss them. It also makes me miss being a child. I’m an only child so mine was very lonely. I liked being an only child as a kid cuz I didn’t know different but as an adult it’s even longer than it was as a child. I don’t have people to visit or watch my kids or bitch about my parents too.

Wait I’m going on a tangent… The point of this post is I wish I could have a childhood redo. Be innocent but live in the moment more. It goes by so damn fast. I realize I wouldn’t know to live in the moment but I wish I could.

On that note I spend a lot of time wishing my life away. I need to live in the moment now. If I can’t as an adult how would I be able to as a child? These are just my thoughts for the night. All in all I had a good day. I’m tired so off to bed I go. 🙂

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