Why don’t I fit in

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Often I feel all I have is myself. I use to be a social butterfly. now i a few friends and I rarely see our talk to them. Yes I work a lot but I miss the interaction. I was talking to someone today and they observed I don’t fit in where I live. It is true I don’t like living here. Another issue is my job. I have a job where I am a mandatory reporter for child abuse and use to investigate so I know I probably appear judgy but I swear I am not. I’m going to be 39 this year and I’m living a life I don’t like. How do I change it? I can’t move right now otherwise I’d be in Texas where I’ve wanted to live the last two years. I don’t know how to make friends here. You either grew up here or your a tourist. I am neither. Plus with my meds I’m often distant so that’s another con. Hmmmm I just don’t know what to do.


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