Throwback Thursday: Medication control

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I decided turn back Tuesday sounded dumb. lol I think it’s really suppose to be Throwback Thursday. I thought it’d be a fun segment to do until I run out of drafts. Over a year ago (April 27th to be exact) I wrote…

“I wrote the comment below on a blog post from living in the well.

“I am hating my own skin too right now. It’s like I am sobering up on these meds to see the damage my mind has done…. it’s like a tornado and so overwhelming to start picking up the pieces while waiting for another tornado to destroy what I have built. I hate my weight and yet I let fear stop me form changing what I have created. Writing this makes me realize I need to write a post about it maybe it will be cathartic. 😀 thanks … I hope things get better for you.”

I tried to look at the post linked above but I don’t see my comment. Anyway, I remember writing that comment and it was very true at the time. Them I became over medicated and that was no fun. I still feel I am slightly over medicated as it is hard for me to be the funny person I once was BUT I think that person may be gone since it was part of the roller coaster I am trying to stay off of.

I also think if I had a different job I would go off my meds again. I did very well with no meds when I was job free and on unemployment. It’s very doable BUT not having a job isn’t for me. I make too much money and most days I don’t mind the it. I am doing good in the world.


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