Get to know me

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I thought instead of the usual I’d tell ten things about me today. Some you might already know.

1 I’m a Libra so I want everything to be even and fair
2 my best year was 1997 I want to relive it again
3 I think marijuana should be legal everywhere. Not because I want to partake but it would free up a lot of jail space
4 I spent six weeks in Australia and I wish I lived there I loved it so much
5 I have the boys. I think I’m raising them right.
6 I’m a social worker by trade
7 I use to have a beauty blog until I realized it was fueling my binge spending and I lost interest in it.
8 I currently take five meds my pdoc and I are working to get it to just two.
9 I grew up on a farm but I’m more a small town live in town kind of girl
10 I’m an only child and grew up spoiled financially but I feel neglected emotionally.

That was harder then I thought lol 🙂

And cuz I like visuals and meme. Here is the one for today.


Kind of fits with sharing info about myself.


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