Black Box — My thoughts.


I was going through my blogroll and came upon a commentary on the above new TV show,  A Bipolars Reality’s can be found here. I have not read it yet as I didn’t want it to sway my thoughts. I will when I have posted this.

I have decided for the sake of keeping this coherent and simple I am going to do bullet points for my thoughts, 😀

  • It was wonderfully acted. The character is believable as herself, I have some issues with the co-stars but I will get into that,
  • I feel it was fair in representation of the chaos that the illness can cause (I forgot to mention the main character … who I am guessing from my experience is a neuropsych  doctor has bipolar. I am thinking it is probably the I kind.)
  • I question that as a successful specific specialized doctor that she doesn’t have some safety in not worrying that she could get fired for a mental illness that the tv show seems to hold over her head.
  • I could be wrong on the above statement as another blogger… I believe bpnurse., stated she has been fired from jobs due to it even thought it falls under the ADA. I am a social worker who’s judgement is important to be successful at my job. I am excellent at my job and my illness may impair my working relations with co-workers it does not with my clients. So maybe in the medical field it is important to have good mental health. I doubt though in that kind of job everyone does.
  • I think the show was unfair in how not being med compliant can effect your life. I know it is an hour show but within that hour which was like a week or two timeframe she went on and off her meds and went into hard core manic episodes. I have stopped meds before and it isn;t so quick or the poor choice to be that toxic.
  • The potrayal of relationships is bothersome. I hope the kinks get worked out. But it is a concern in my ability to have hope this show will be fair in potraying mental illness.
  • I loved that one of the patients she decided to not have them take the meds. She realized that living in their illness world was better for them. Each of us have a different experience and it doesn’t have to be horrible to be quirky in your mental health. It’s all about who is it harming… Right??
  • I am excited to keep watching but I fear it will become disappointing.

Did any of you watch it? What did you think? Please comment, leave questions or random thoughts below 😀 And check out my social medias!!! thanks


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