WordPress family award

I shamelessly gave myself an honorable mention from my beauty blog so I could cross promote. And well if you don’t believe and promote yourself who will right? Marketing 101 up in heeerre. So without further ado I present the….

Ok so the rules!!!! First posting the image of the award — done

2. Link back to the person that nominated you — done

3. Nominate 6 other blogger’s who have made an impact on your blogging experience in such a way that they feel like “family” Just one little caveat all but one of these folks I have followed and sometimes interacted with when I had my first wordpress blog I deleted The Old Heave HO It was written while I was separated from my hubby and pretty much anonymous but I decided when we got back together to start a blog fresh and not be anonymous. And this one was born 😀

  1. A Single Parents Life  Is a life blog that is a single Mom just living her life and I think she uses it as a good way to purge things or discuss Mom topics. Her blog is one of the ones that come direct to my email box. She sometimes drops off and I wonder how her life is but thankfully she has started to re-post again
  2. Neverbenormalagain Is an awesome blog that I view as a confessional and theraputic blog Since I am vocal about my mental health issues.  I respect that candidness and a well written blog that shows what it is like to live with something you didn’t create.
  3. Prince Charming Isn’t Here  This blog is raw and funny and irreverent and I love it. Nothing more needs to be said of it’s awesomeness lol
  4. Talinorfali is a life sharing blog and with my previous blog was very helpful in comments etc. (I was in a lot of pain with that blog) I know blogs are just flat words but I have always found through her blog that I have no doubt she is a kind caring soul.
  5. An Evil Nymph’s Blog The name of this blog alone is flipping exceptional. The writer like the previous ones mentioned above I am sure doesn’t know how much help with my last blog she was in her comments and kindness. It helps she is a great writer and her tag line is awesome as well. “I think WAY too much!” I can completely relate to that.
  6. New Complaint Is the only new to me blog on this list. I am not sure if I discovered her through this blog or my beauty one but I think this one. Either way I love her blog as she is young with ambition and dreams she is following. So I guess it’s a way for me to feel youthful and fun to see someone go for their dreams young instead of behind the ball like me now! Even if you are not into fashion etc I think she has something youthful and vibrant for everyone.

4. Let your six WordPress family members know that you have awarded them — will do when I am done posting

5. Spread the Love! Done Done and Done! :D

Thanks for stopping by and any questions or comments just leave below!

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