And yes fun was had by me at least

On my birthday. This is picture heavy so I hope you enjoy

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All the above are from the dinner date with Hubby. He took me to his work to “show me off” and I had a couple drinks. One was diet coke with Evan Williams Cherry Whiskey. It was ggggoooodddd! Then I mentioned it was my birthday and I got  Cardinal Bomb. (I live in MO so duh lol) It was only good as it was free. I really hate red bull which it had in it. I then wanted to try the Honey whiskey. I was silly as I requested it straight and well… it tasted like burnt honey so the bartender put sprite in it. Of course by the end I couldn’t even taste it. My husband and I had a wonderful time there. Next we went to the Outback. Can you believe I have never been there! I think it is overrated in general but it was disappointing either. I was so stuffed. I had originally wanted to go to a movie but nothing I wanted to watch was playing (stupid small town!) so we thought about going to the touristy strip area but it wasn’t even 11 and I was pretty done. HA. We ended up going to a friends house who has the cutest dog ever!

His name is Maverick. I so want one!

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Next morning I lazied around hanging out with the hubby before he went to work… taking pictures of our doggy Fudge. Then six awesome hours of alone time in the house as the boys were at my parents. I watched Scandal and made a couple youtube videos. It was AWESOME! Then I went to my parents for my birthday party. We had dinner, cake, (jello poke cake my favorite) and played clue. It was a perfect party!

****I thought I had posted this already but I don’t see it.

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