Halloween Family Fun

I use to love Halloween more than I do now. It was my second favorite behind Christmas. I don’t know if I am getting crabby in my old age or the overpriced costumes piss me pff that much! lol

Anyway here is the few pictures I took in regards to the Holiday. My two oldest did not want to dress up. I swiftly advised them if they don’t dress up as SOMETHING they aren’t going. It’s no fun for the people who bought candy to just give random strangers kids candy without some entertainment!

***** RANT ALERT *******

And while I am at it. WHY WHY WHY do we not make kids tell jokes anymore. I am so disgusted that this tradition is just becoming a greed holiday instead of what i was ended for… as a way to celebrate the dead and ward away evil spirits and then rejoice in a bountiful harvest. Granted I don’t know how jokes come in but dang it it takes the fun away from an awesome tradition. GRRR — side note my kids had jokes BUT even the adults giving away candy doesn’t care anymore. Bluck only about five houses even asked for them. So irritating!

********** Rant Over **************

So my oldest decided to be a zombie. My middle son someone dead and for the third year in a row in the same ratty costume my youngest was spiderman.

018 017

016 015

My oldest son’s friend let me do her make up. She did Cosplay as a female Sam Winchester from Supernatural.


And the rest of the pictures from the night.

036 038 030 029 024 025 027 028

And at some point some random dude at a house put green ink/coloring on my middle son who hated it. He is not one to enjoy much human interaction.


So that is the round up of the night. Just one little instagram picture.

Candy Overload

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