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Do i do this?

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Am i allowed to feel without it linked to my mental health?

I got upset with my son this weekend for taking apart something that was mine and he had no right to mess with. I didn’t go yelling and screaming. I was irritated by his acting like it was no big deal. I think it’s fair as he broke it. My mom proceeds to ask us both if we’ve taken our medication. Ugh.

I think I’ve gotten good other then anxiety at feeling the emotion and letting it flow naturally. I’m proud of that now just got to work on my anxiety.


And men too

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I love harley quinn. I appreciate the artwork more then the saying but on some days i can relate to it.

I don’t know why i can’t get myself up early enough this week to put makeup on. I don’t really feel depressed but i want to call in every morning. I hate it. I think it’s probably because I’m overwhelmed. But I’ll get through it. I always do.

Another day

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Another day I’m not sure how i feel. I keep thinking it’s Friday and this morning i wanted to call in sick badly but i didn’t. I am grateful today for who i am. I make poor choices sometimes but i work through them and carry on. I get up and try to be a better person. I want to be the exception.


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I’m trying my best to be hopeful. Life is not all bad. My ex goes in for surgery today. I’m at work trying not to worry about things i have no control over. I feel a little why me going on that I’m trying to not go into a full pity party.


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Life is in limbo right now. My ex is in the hospital with something serious. I’m still overwhelmed at work and obsessing over my past. I feel so stupid for obsessing over toxic things. I wish life was different on days like this.


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I’m looping in my mind. A combination of work and someone from my past that resurfaced. It’s got my anxiety high. I just want to be special to this person. It’s so silly i have a man who loves me dearly but it’s never enough.

How do you know someone is your soul mate or is it even attainable?

I hate feeling this way. Why can’t i let the past be the past?