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Blah ugh

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Still haven’t heard from the job. I also know they haven’t called one of my references. I left a vm letting them know I’m still interested. Please keep praying and/or positive thoughts.

I feel blah. At least it’s not depressed. It’s a shade above that but under meh in my book lol.

Anyway I haven’t read blogs today but I will tomorrow. Hope all of you are well.



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I have hope I’ll get that job. I still haven’t heard anything. It’ll be two week today and they said is hear back in two weeks sooo…

I have hope I can turn my life around

  • By losing weight
  • Being more minimalistic
  • Curbing my spending
  • Being less thinned skinned

I want a life worth living but it alludes me a lot.

Vacation blues

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I had a great time and am back home safe. I keep playing every little thing that I perceive as went wrong in my mind. I’m telling myself how I ruined everything which rationally I know I didn’t. Ugh why does this happen?

In the mean time here are some photos…

Vacation is good for the soul

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Car rides not so much lol why does it seem forever to get where your going?

My mood is awesome I’m praying I don’t get cranky.

I’m excited

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I wish my excitement was over getting the job but I haven’t heard anything.

But it is over the little mini vacation I’m taking back to my home town. I haven’t been on a vacation in years. I’m so excited!

I’m going with my mom and younger two kids. I’ve decided to set boundaries with my mom where we don’t discuss finances. I don’t want to get cranky. Lol I’m anxious to tell her but adamant.

Today I pack and clean house. I don’t want to forget anything. I need to make a list.

Anyway… Here’s to fun!

Just little o me

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I have seen that I have several new followers so I thought I’d do a get to know me post. Most if not all will be known to my long time followers but sometimes a refresher is good right? Lol

  • I’m a mom of three boys. Two struggle with their own mental health. One is twelve so time will tell. My middle son had cancer as well though he’s doing well.
  • I’m a social worker by trade. It’s often difficult to navigate this field and my mental health but I manage most days. With a lot of venting on this blog lol
  • I officially got divorced this January after sixteen years together. I have a boyfriend but I feel distant from him yet co dependent. Ugh.
  • I have bipolar and anxiety and once was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder though I am unsure I have that for sure.
  • I’ve been to Australia. I felt so peaceful there and I deeply regret not moving there.
  • I appreciate everyone that reads this blog and have found this community so supportive.
  • I know there is more but that’s the basics. Hope you all have a fantastic day.
  • Nervous wreck

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    I’m a nervous wreck on not knowing if I got this job or not. I figured since I want it so bad I won’t get it. But then I’m like that’s silly thinking. Still it’s got my anxiety up. They said it’d be a couple of weeks before I heard anything so I need to chill. No news right now is promising news right?