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Good bye grandma

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My grandma died last night. I haven’t cried. These freaking pills make it hard. I feel a tightness in my chest. It sucks. She helped raise me and before she got dementia she was a good morale lady. Rest in peace may God wrap you in his arms.


Just maybe

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Just maybe my life will be ok. Things I’m grateful for in no particular order… My children, my job, food to eat, my parents, my home.


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I think I’m depressed. All I want to do is sleep. But thankfully it seems to be mild. I thought my disjointed thoughts in the last post was maybe mania coming but I think more so lack of concentration. I for once don’t like this feeling. Looking back I usually embrace the depression. Like I know nothing different but I feel a severe loss in life this time. I just want someone to wrap me in their arms and quite the storm. But all I have is myself but it never feels good enough.

Maybe I got this

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I’ve got loads of changes happening. The last two days have gone well. After my worry post I started feeling more confident. But I don’t want to be cocky. I get moments of insecurity but I know that’s normal. I’m in a good mood so that’s a plus. This post is choppy I hope I’m not going manic hmmm


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I’m full of worries. My grandma is dying. I need to see her this weekend before she goes. I hope she doesn’t go before then. I’ve been very neglectful of her and I feel awful about it.

I worry about my son. He shares too much which could cause him to be bullied. I don’t want him to become suicidal. It scares me.

I worry about this job and if it was a good idea. I just don’t know what to do with myself.

I’m already ready for the weekend and it’s only Wednesday.

I know I have more but these are the most on my mind ones. I’m trying to give them to God but it’s a struggle for me.

Better days

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Today has been a better day. It’s just change and new and of course I want to be perfect.

Oh and drug test went fine but still leery they will use it against me one day. I hope I’m worrying for nothing. They didn’t ask why or anything. So that’s good.


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I’m feeling very insecure about my decision. I hope it’s just the newness and not knowing everything. I just don’t know.